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We want to gice you a chance to write new apps before anyone else.

If someone can has something you don't use What if they could use it when I needed it?

What if I could sell, trade or rent to people who needed something that I didn't use what if it can be possible to easily turn it into money?

The answer is CocoaMarket App.

For foreigners, image SNS based 1-person live broadcasting channel and open market model convergence


Social Live V-commerce

“CocoaMarket” Introduction

First of all,
I would like to thank the users who read this message.

CocoaMarket is social flea market service for foreigners living in Korea.

Also, we have Facebook group.
Social Live Flea Market is a CocoaMarket community group.
If you are interested in CocoaMarket, please join our service.

According to the Korea National Statistical Office,
about 980,000 foreigners are legally registered or resident in Korea, about 2.36 million foreigners are staying legally, and about 1 million foreigners are staying in major cities.
About 26% of foreigners are concentrated in 8 major cities.
Among them, English speaking country, Filipino and Vietnamese are living more than 450,000 (as of 2018)

In addition to these social trends in Korea,
online social networking services (SNS) are rapidly increasing among foreigners in the above countries in social network services

Now, in line with these trends, we are launching K-Social 1-person e-commerce, a native app-based mobile social live platform Opened-beta service, which has evolved into a value-sharing economic service beyond private and shared economic services. We will do it ASAP

We will continue to update the status of development progress and CocoaMarket related news.

Also, we will collect various feedbacks and opinions from the members and continue to develop them with better service.

Thank you very much for reading this posting
CEO Michael Kwak


Benefiting the individual
Social Flea Market for Foreigner living in korea

Social Live Flea Market


For foreigners
Image SNS-based One-person live broadcasting channel and open market model convergence

From now on1 person “Social Live Flea Market” will be open !

  • According to our analysis through Facebook service, We found that only 470,000 active members (actual reimbursements) of the major influencers' Facebook groups, which had been continuously checked for about 3 years, were active.

    It is estimated that more than 500,000 influencer marketing freelancers are distributed in five major Southeast Asian countries.
  • Example of commerce activity of
    “Philippine Influencer online seller” using Facebook Live and Group features

Benefits to Service Users
  • Can be Log-in easily by any Facebook user or Instagram,Kakaotalk user with just one click
  • If you're already a Facebook or Instagram user, you no longer need to pay for advertising or selling product fee.
  • You can own a private shopping mall that has the same function as the domestic cafe24 shopping mall for free. More useful sevice for influencers.
  • Provide simultaneous viewing function of 5 broadcasting stations based on the world's first commercially available 5G communication network
    (future upgrade area: from 2020) - Only 5G device can be supported
  • Can buy immediately while watching live broadcasts, You can also purchase products through secure payment while watching videos or watching images.
  • When you see product details, Multilingual automatic translation function
    (English, Vietnamese, Chinesem etc.)
  • Posiible to sell through a shopping mall based on augmented reality template and AR Live Shopping
  • Even if you only maintain 'friendship' and 'sharing' with a small number of customers, you can possible to promote the products that you are handing through our app function

Buying while watching live broadcast?
Like TV Home Shopping??

  • Step.01Tour of Service Main Screen

    Real time live
    Broadcast screen click

  • Step.02Watch private live mall broadcast

    Live broadcast viewing,
    Inquiry through chat

  • Step.03Favorite Products Easy Payment & Safe Purchase

    After clicking the Buy button,
    Easy Escrow Payment

How do I use the CocoaMarket App?

Personal to personal
Can trade products directly with each other

New or used products owned by the seller

Commerce offline merchandise sales

Personal shopping malls, retailers and second-hand traders can sell products

Escrow payment system and
Form of PayPal payment

Open Beta service
Be the first supporters!
Recruitment of first supporters

The new CocoaMarket app, which has become so clever, will soon be released on end November. 2019 (Opened-Beta ver.)

We want to give you a chance to write new apps before anyone else.

Supporters can use features that are not publicy released. all of feature will be visible to the public in future. Please give us continue feedback or opinion until the feature testing is released finally.

Beta Test
It means that the work that passed the alpha test is tested by a limited number of users selected by the company.

Although the development is not perfect, it is done to improve the completeness of the works intended to be done in the long term and to check the approximate response of the users. A small number of people who applied for CBT, OBT from the app service will be selected. It can be done not only once but also several times, and it is intermittent until the full commercial service is carried out.

If you are selected as an excellent Supporters, we would like to offer you the following benefits.

■ Opened-beta Supporters Benefits.
1. benefit One
activity users who have upload at least one product each month and new users who join the month. We will give them "Zero brokerage commission" for every month about selected 100 people users. (This policy is a special benefit only for users who are selected as supporters.)

2. benefit Two
In order to users who last more than 3 months From the next month to the seller user We will provide them with a discount coupon generation function. You can offer coupons directly to prospective buyers or users. One coupon can be issued when posting 1 new product

3. benefit Three
For activity users who have sharing more than 10times about our app service with Facebook, Instagram, kakaotalk etc We will select for 100 people 1times per every month and than we will give them a discount coupon of 10,000 won.

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